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Тотальный перевод
hips and lips? 
4-сент-2008 10:11 am
In Russian, to mount steam engine style (поставить паровоз) is a form of Catullan congress that simultaneously bookends a passively voiced, feminine gendered subject with an irrumator as a prefix and a fututor or a pedicator as a suffix. What would you call this practice in other languages?

Ставить паровоз—это «pedicabo et irrumabo» или «futuo et irrumabo», только одной особи, одновременно и на пару. Один irrumator, другой fututor или pedicator, а между ними страдательный залог женского рода. Как это сказать на других языках?

Inspired by banter hosted by [info]sguez; crossposted to [info]larvatus, [info]linguaphiles, and [info]ru_translate.
4-сент-2008 01:24 pm
I wouldn't call it that in Russian either.
4-сент-2008 01:48 pm
Why would you call it anything special anyway?
4-сент-2008 01:58 pm
To echo the head rabbi at Lemberg: “What would a little rabbi in Slobodka know about fancy fucking fentzy yentzing?”
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